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About Reflexology

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing, non-invasive, touch based complementary therapy  primarily involving the feet. Reflexology is capable of ticking many helpful boxes when used to support good  health and well-being. From normalising vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure  etc) to increasing local perfusion (blood flow) to specific  organs in the body, reflexology is a very special therapy indeed!

Is There Really a Map of the Body in the Feet?


Yes! fMRI (brain) and Colour Dopplar studies have confirmed that specific areas of the feet correspond with specific organs of the body (Nakamaru, 2008; Miura, et al., 2014, Sudmeier et al., 1999, Mur et al., 2001).

Nobody really  understands why these  body associations are  present in the feet - but  they are there!

Are positive outcomes in reflexology simply a placebo effect?


No, absolutely not! A 2014 study (Akin Korhan et al. 2014) demonstrated that reflexology lowered the vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate) of unconscious, ventilated patients - therefore proving the impact of reflexology to be much more complex than a simple placebo effect. 


Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture

​Auricular acupuncture is a specialist complementary therapy involving  the insertion of small, sterile, disposable needles into the ear, or sometimes the application of electro-acupuncture.

There are over 70 different acupuncture points on the ear, each relating to a specific body organ or system. Used extensively in drug and alcohol services, and helpful with all forms of detox, auricular acupuncture is a  relatively painless, wonderfully effective therapy.

Works well alongside reflexology.​

Reflexology Session Costs


Single  Session

60  minutes  £35.00

Auricular Acupuncture Costs


Stop Smoking Six Session Package  

£200.00 (includes press pins).

Weight Loss Six Session Package

£200.00 (includes press pins).